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Every year, blue schoolers from around the world gather in one spot for a summer concert unlike any other around. This year, QN5 Music is bringing the infamous QN5 Megashow to Los Angeles! MORE ›

In previous years, New York City has played host to this annual event, destroying venues such as BB Kings, CBGBs, and the Knitting Factory (NY). Past special guests have included Wordsworth, Immortal Technique, Pumpkinhead, Rise, Poison Pen, Bad Seed and many more!

This is the one time of the year you will see the ENTIRE QN5 roster performing live on stage in the same night. This is an event you do NOT want to miss!

from previous shows


Stomp! by PackFM (Megashow 2006)

Pack gets the crowd moving with a whole gang of artists on stage.


Punk by Substantial & Tonedeff (Megashow 2006)

The first live performance of the trance/hip-hop song, "Punk".



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